Celebrating the forgotten, the left behind, the unnoticed, Kounteya Sinha and Susanta Paul create an undoubtedly unforgettable memory that will stay on beyond it's time.

Explorer, writer, globe trotter, public speaker, multiple award-winning journalist and internationally acclaimed photographer, Kounteya Sinha has been treating the city of Kolkata to his awe inspiring photographic exhibition over the last few years. With themes as varied as Hiraeth, Stone, Viva.

Each time Kounteya has raised the bar of visual delight.

He had said, "I have a constant need to push the limits. Whatever seems undoable, unachievable and intimidating appeals to me the most."

‘Unremembered’ by far pushes all limits of expectations and takes you to a world of photo reality, a mix of what was captured and what is real and in the making, a dualism, a conjecture, a speculation and the very real, captured through Kounteya's lenses as well live human performance.

Susanto Paul is a National award-winning installation artist, costume designer, textile designer and sculptor. His work on Durga Puja Pandals is inspirational and award winning.

Susanta Paul says: "The show Unremembered is a space wherein it is an attempt to interpret Kounteya Sinha's photograph through installations, performances and videos ... that translates to a visual narrative."

The brilliance of Kounteya's photo narratives with the ingenuity of Susanta Paul's installations provide a rare treat of sensory delight to the viewer.

Part of the Kolkata International Photography Festival, this show hosted at Gem Cinema juxtaposed photography and live acts that appealed to all the human senses.