To be a part of the #hokkebab festival at Tamarind was a special treat for the month for the city of Kolkata. Beautiful decor, special care, reasonably priced and just awesome. You have to be there and experience the taste and the warmth of the place between 10th of August and 19th of August at Tamarind in Deshapriya Park, Kolkata.

If you are not here you will be missing out on the best of kebabs and the very innovative and new #hokkebab festival which is a journey to the mouth-watering tastes of North-West Frontier cuisine. It includes flavors from Punjab, Sindh, and Peshawar.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Gautam Purkayastha, owner-partner, Tamarind, said “At Tamarind, we believe in change and novelty. Having been a highly awarded restaurant for the cuisine of southern India we are now ready to offer flavors of the north with our #hokkebab festival. We wish we continue to receive the same love from Kolkata in this new transition.”

The festival was inaugurated by the renowned actor-comedian and RJ Mir, acclaimed film director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee and celebrated writer Padmanabha Dasgupta who expressed their childhood love affair with kebabs. Along with them were food connoisseurs, food bloggers and celebrities across different segments. Amidst lot of fun and celebration the entire range of kebab spread was tasted, relished, clicked liked and shared. It was a grand opening to the festival.

If you are looking for the best of kebabs then Tamarind is where you should be between the 10th and 19th of August. Once here, you can choose from a vegetable platter or non-vegetarian array of kebabs. A meal for a vegetarian couple would cost INR 800 plus taxes and non-vegetarian will enjoy their meal at INR 1100 plus taxes.

The signature picks to indulge in are the utterly robust Tandoori Stuffed Paneer Tikka, the minced Soya Keema kebab and the juicy mushroom Nawabi Dhingra kebab. Non vegetarians should look no further and pamper their taste-buds with Mutton Chapli kebab, a flat round mutton patty served with bread.

Paneer lovers can choose from Hara Masala Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Paneer Shashlik, Tandoori Stuffed Paneer Tikka @ 275 each. The vegetable kebabs offered are Corn & Peas Shammi Kebab, Soya Keema Kebab, Chana & Cheese Kebab also priced @ 275 each. From the range of Mutton you can choose from Mutton Sheekh Kebab, Mutton Shaami Kebab and Mutton Chapli Kebeb @ 400 each. The very tasty range of chicken kebabs includes Ghonghoraj Murg Malai Kebab, Murg Tangri Kebab and delicious must have Lasooni Murg Tikka all reasonably priced @325 each. The fish range was exotic and a taste to remember. Try Fish Ajwani Tikka, Fish Achari Tikka and specially the unforgettable Tandoori Stuffed Pomfret @ just 375 each. And if you are choosing prawn then @ only 550 you get the taste of Tandoori Jhinga that you will relish and enjoy the most.

Foodies like me can look forward to the festival from 10th to the 19th August. The special spread of 17 delicious lip smacking kebabs will be available all day from lunch to dinner between 12 noon to 11 pm. My platter of kebabs of my choice was finished clean and I plan to revisit Tamarind with family and friends to enjoy the special few numbered days of delightful kebabs.

Address: 177, Sarat Bose Road, Opp. DKS, Deshapriya Park, Kolkata - 700026

Phone: 033 2463 8799