It is yet another Bengali New year – we call it Poila Baisakh. It’s not just the first day of the year according to the Bengali calendar, but it is an emotion. As you walk down the lanes and by-lanes of any Bengali housing or colony, a feeling that comes to us – a new start is beckoning. For most families, this day in April is the fresh start Bongs always secretly wait for.

This is the day when you can actually see a true Bengali with all those traditional ‘punjabi’. From fathers to uncles – everybody buys that special outfit for themselves, which they have been eyeing since months. Yes, Poila Boishakh is associated with ‘notun jama’ that is new dress. Keeping this trend in mind, Menswear designer, Surbhi Pansari, has unveiled her new collection. ‘The Poila Baishak Special’. The collection consists of a range of kurta pajamas, which are traditional, yet contemporary in their aesthetics.

As it is a new chapter of prosperity and goodness, we, on behalf of the entire Surbhi Pansari team wish you all the best!

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