Summers in the city are about dizzying heat and hair-rising humidity. To keep you cool this summer, Yauatcha, the dim sum teahouse from London brings an array of summertime favorites available at all Yauatcha locations in India.

Chinese cuisine is as diverse as its many regions and it also reflects the changing seasons. In summer, plants grow fast, and people act more energetically. The Chinese suggest eating ‘yin’ or cooling foods during these months. The a la carte menu at Yauatcha shows a perfect balance of the Yin and Yang theory and there are a lot of dishes one much indulge in during summers.

Try summer favorite dishes like Vegetarian duck salad which has three types of cress or micro greens along with fruits like pomegranate and pomelo which are cooling fruits and best for the summer. From Stir Fry options pick the Stir fry lotus root, asparagus and water chestnut, made using some of the freshest ingredients with high water content this dish helps the body from getting dehydrated.

A dining experience at Yauatcha is incomplete without having their deliciously crafted dim sums. Try the summer favorite Mandarin Dumpling which is a combination of various vegetables like corn kernel, asparagus, raw papaya, red pumpkin, water chestnut and mandarin. All these combined together makes this dim sum a perfect option to be cherished upon for this summer.

End your meal with the Red Fruit Fromage this summer friendly dessert is light on your palette and healthy. This May, come sit back and enjoy a hearty summer meal with your loved ones amidst the beautiful interiors of the restaurant.

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