So Sienna opened a new Café. After the success of their Hindustan Road Café, it was only but natural. And in Kolkata where else could it be but on Park St! A little difficult to find the 5,500 square foot space on the 1st floor of ‘Development House’ which includes a small event space, co-working station, and of course the dining area! A small corner offers a range of items from their store on Hindustan Road.

Referring to their Hindustan Road Café, quiet and reticent Sulagna Ghosh, the ideator behind Sienna says “the Store was the idea, the Cafe was the outcome!’ And what an upshot it has been, setting benchmarks for future Cafes in the city. If Sienna Hindustan Road is cozy and intimate with limited seating the dining at its Park Street outlet can accommodate over 75 people easily. In beige, grey, tint of blue and specks of white with bare brick and mortar walls and ceramic tile surface from their kiln in Shantiniketan under a canopy of upturned umbrellas with random sitting arrangements, the space has a sophisticated but casual feel about it. At the heart is this stage which on weekends comes alive to the melodies of a live band to croon and sway while you try out some delectable fare off their new menu.

Sienna is all about ‘good eating’ and at this new cafe they have taken it a notch higher. We tried the following, spicy tamarind spritzer, mixed green salad with micro greens and parmesan flakes with the in-house vinaigrette sauce, delicious cold green pumpkin soup with lightly roasted bangali bori in lieu of croutons to ring in a regional flavor. Spicy sausages spread on home-baked flat bread, stuffed soft shelled crab in a smoky flavor and pork spareribs in a delicious sweet sauce ending with flourless Chocolate Cloud Cake with a drop of cream and walnut crumble.

With a larger kitchen space and Chef Lorenzo Gomes and Samantha Pereira in charge, Sienna continues to remain true to its effort of serving original well-cooked dishes with authentic ingredients sourced locally and internationally. The outlet also boasts of an exclusive patisserie that will surely test the resolution of the fitness freak with its mouth-watering cakes and desserts.

As a part of their effort towards sustainability the Cafe had started a ‘say no to straw’ campaign and cloth napkins from textiles scrap in their Hindustan Road Cafe; at Park St this philosophy has been upgraded by introducing reusable steel straws that support their ideology of being earth friendly.

Address: Sienna Store & Café. 1st Floor, Development House, 24, Park St, Kolkata - 700016
Phone: 033 4001 3229