Bhutanese food is one of the most unique cuisines, with a touch of Chinese, Tibetan and Indian cultures. The most distinctive characteristic of Bhutanese cuisine, which sets it apart from most other cuisines, is its focus on the use of chili. Bringing this culturally rich assortment of delicacies from the Himalayan Kingdom, JW Marriott Kolkata is hosting a 12-day long ‘Bhutanese Food Festival’ from 26th February to 8th March, 2020 at the specialty pan-Asian restaurant, Vintage Asia.

The festival is sure to take you on a gastronomic journey to the diverse culinary world of Bhutan. The special menu has been curated by specialty Chef ChetenTshering along with the in house culinary team.

Guests can indulge in a range of local Bhutanese appetizers such as ‘Ting Momo’, ‘Hoentay’, ‘Vegetable and Cheese Momos’, to name a few. Enjoy a selection of aromatic soups like ‘KakurJaju’, ‘SaagJaju’ and ‘Thupka’. The Bhutanese Food Festival also features exceptional platters in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variations. The non-vegetarian Bhutanese platter includes ‘JashaMaru’, ‘ShakamDatshi’, ‘PakshaPaa’, ‘DolomNgow Ngo’, ‘Khurley’, ‘Bhutanese Red Rice’, ‘GondoMaru’, ‘ShakamPaa’, ‘Dry Fish Chilli’, ‘GondoDatshi’, and ‘JashaPaa’. The vegetarian platter includes favourites such as ‘Emadatshi’, ‘ShamuDatshi’, ‘Lom’, ‘Meto Kopi Datshi’, ‘TsheseyTshoem’, ‘Kharang’ and many more regional delights to satiate your taste buds.

End the spread with signature delectable desserts such as ‘Buttered Zaw with Pumpkin’ and ‘Bumthang Honey Ice Cream’, ‘Khabsey with Zaw Pudding’, and ‘Red Rice Kheer’ which are sure to leave your swoon you.

So don't forget to drop in to JW Marriott Kolkata to relish the delicacies straight from the heart of Bhutan.

Address: Vintage Asia, JW Marriott Kolkata, 4A, J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata – 700 105
Date: 26th February – 8th March 2020
Pocket Pinch for one: INR 1111 plus taxes
For reservations: +91 33 6633 0000