The Behala Area in South Kolkata has a number of beautiful pandals to behold and walking in the by-lanes, enjoying the small children’s fairs with their merry-go-rounds and giant wheels set the mood for a festive atmosphere and some of the most intellectually challenging pandals produced. The aesthetics, accompanying music and the creativity were a joy to behold. We hope that you too get a sense of this from the below photo story.

The Barisha Club displayed thousands of keys and the commentary with it spoke of keys needed to open the doors at the different stages of one’s life.

Having met with one of the committee members I understood that the projected symbolism was that everyone was running towards their designated goals and chasing success in life. Hence they needed keys to open doors towards their growth and success. Just as the evil of Mahishasurva was overcome through the creation of Devi Durga to change the negativity into positivity, rulers of ancient India who had lost their kingdoms and power then began to pray to the Devi as a source of strength. Here Durga symbolized the ‘key’ source of inspiration for power, strength and justice.

Behala Nutan Dal presented ‘Antar Mahal’ – where Ma Durga, the creator of totality upholds the principle that our domestic chores and everyday life is part of the universe itself. The picture shows a modern day swanky house with the couch and books turned upside down.

Antar Mahal is a representation of unification of the domestic milieu with the cosmos. The cosmos universe is part of the everyday which is aptly displayed by the clothes pins used for decorating the walls and the lantern projected from the ceiling.

Walking towards Behala Friends at the onset on the outer walls we find a magnificent display which is carried through to the interior which transforms an old and dilapidated under-construction building, in to a beautiful piece of art through the installation panels on the walls and the ceiling.

Speaking to the artists Mr. Rupchand Kundu we are informed that the materials used ‘have a life of their own’ emanating an artistic beauty to the pujo pandal.

Nutan Sangha recreated a Rajasthani Mahal with mirror and dolls and Ma Durga was decorated in the form of beautiful, beaming Rajasthani princess in all her finery, with beautiful pearls and jewelry to match.

The interior walls resemble those of a mahal with mirror work and lights similar to the Mahals or palaces found in Rajasthan itself.