Meghna Nayak’s brainchild, LataSita specialises in upcycled garments, of which old and used sarees receive particular attention. During her study and short-lived career as a journalist, she discovered the drudgery that was the sweatshop business which catered to several famous brands, finding it exploitative and wasteful. This lead her to realise her love for sustainable living which eventually caused her to found her own Kolkata-based brand, LataSita.

Here, used sarees and other clothes are collected to create new and trendy outfits whilst preserving the spirit of the original garment. This way, every new article of clothing carries with it a history as well as a sense of nostalgia mingled with sentimental value, for it had been earlier donned by the wearer’s mother or grandmother. Meghna sees upcycling as a wonderful way to hold captive one’s cultural heritage while remaining fashionable and in with the times.

 LataSita’s clothes are totally unique as each item is a one-of its-kind since no two sarees are the same. Her work is steeped in originality and creativity while curbing any scope for wastefulness. Each piece crafted has a story behind it, and undergoes a delightful metamorphosis. Meghna creates delectable skirts, dresses, tops, pants, and all other imaginable forms of clothing by tastefully reworking selected old garments. Her clothes are suitable for occasions of any nature because they are a seamless blend of oriental and western styles.

Meghna encourages all her clients to keep bringing in old sarees belonging to their mothers, grandmothers and older ancestors with the hope of breathing new life into them. She says it gives her great pleasure as she feels a connection with the lives of her clients this way. LataSita’s clientele includes renowned personalities like Arundhati Roy, and actor Ayushmann Khurana, as well as his wife, all of who have been deeply appreciative of Meghna’s genius.

LataSita’s custom-made designs cater to individuals of all shapes and sizes. All enthusiasts of fashion are implored to check out what this wonderful brand has to offer.

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