Dressing men is not an easy task, and often, thanks to the primacy of women’s wear as a barometer of trends and style, is a thankless one. Some Indian designers though, undoubtedly take the cake when it comes to menswear. Tapping on this growing menswear market and giving it a fresh spin, founder Shilpa Sethi has launched ‘Dapper’, Kolkata’s multi-designer store exclusively dedicated to menswear. The store showcases a finely curated collective of designers across categories, stocking apparel and accessories. Names to reckon with are ‘Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna’, ‘Antar-Agni’, ‘Divyam Mehta’, ‘Arjan Dugal’, ‘Rajesh Pratap Singh’, ‘Khanijo’ and the likes from Delhi, ‘Payal Singhal’ from Mumbai, and ‘Vivek Karunakaran’ from Chennai amongst others that have found space in the store.

‘Dapper’ has recently introduced an exclusive rack of shirts by H2O, designed by the noteworthy designer duo, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. The shirts are solely available at Dapper, other than the flagship stores of the designer duo, Pan India.

The collection is based on Straight Line clothing, retaining the very basic elements of style & quality. The silhouettes are sharp and defined with an emphasis on fabrics, cuts and a lot of detailing rather than on embellishments. According to the duo, “We thought of curating a shirt collection, with every kind of print, every kind of collar. That's what H2O is.” Today, it has evolved into a label that many swear by, and the two ingenious boys — Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi who are regarded as western wear veterans.

So, indulge in our exclusionary collection by H2O, available only at the store.

Address: 10 A&B, Woodburn Park, Kolkata 700020
Contact No: 83358 54999