Durga Puja goes synonymous with a few heritage names; one such Pujo is of Hedua Park. With the hustle bustle of the streets Hedua imbibes the traditional pandal that is like a small fair amidst the city. The pandal this year is made using cane and a big “jhoomar” in the center. The deity too is traditionally beautiful. As you walk though the pandal you reach the park where one gets ample scope for fun. With ides, balloon shooting and treasure hunt it’s a treat for children as well as adults. Thus, making it one of the busiest pandals.

Enchanted Garden - Another small but enchanting pandal is the Hari Ghosh Street one and the theme is that of enchanted garden. A small pandal in a by-lane but worth the watch with handmade flowers, mushrooms caterpillars and weeds. The sound of bees and birds make it a moment of pleasure with this enchanting beauty.

Photo credit: Banner Center: Youtube