Women inspiring excellence in the kitchen is nothing new, since time immemorial, they have strived towards perfection. Rashi Kedia describes herself – as an “Experimental Chef”. Granted, there is no tale of hardship or of a life-changing moment that led her from a different career to cooking – hers is a story of pure love and passion for the art of cooking. As an ambitious woman, Chef Rashi worked her way up the ladder, spending years in F&B and improving her art & techniques. That toil culminated in the opening of her debut restaurant, Naariyal Paani - It’s all about Nautanki, where she is now all set to create a lot of drama on the plates, for the patrons.

Becoming an Apron winner from “Masterchef” was no easy task but she made it look easy. Her love for food pushed her to pursue special courses and learn how to incorporate molecular gastronomy into her recipes. Chef Rashi has a strict policy of not feeding anyone something that she herself wouldn’t eat.

Anything she creates has to be top notch quality and has to be perfect. She has created an amazing blend of South Indian cuisine with molecular gastronomy. A revolutionary chef in her own right, she has brought something new and amazing to the table with her concepts.

She also runs her very own catering company called Orchid events that caters Pan-India. Guests would queue up to taste her dishes and that is when she realized that her culinary skills could be put to use elsewhere as well. Learning from all her experiences and hard work, she finally opened her own South Indian restaurant called Naariyal Paani which is her first venture showcasing massive fusion of South Indian cuisines where the food is all about the drama with interior devoting to the dance form Kathakali which is full of expression and gestures. She mainly wanted to focus on the modern South Indian cuisine as there are not many food joints in Kolkata. Her goal is to make a rushed South Indian meal into a family dining experience. She is in the true sense a woman of accomplishment with all her given accolades.

Address: 17/1F, Alipore Rd, Alipore, Kolkata – 700027.
Ph: 098305 00223
Hours: Tue-Sun 7:30 am – 10 pm. Closed Monday.