Kolkata celebrates New Year’s Eve in an avant-garde way in which Park Street seems to be the heart of the celebrations. Every nook and corner of the locality gets ready with lights, pubs, clubs and sundry way of celebrations.

This year a new kid in the block will be a perfect destination for year ender hangout especially for those who want a cozy warm corner for the celebration of this wintry festivity with a different type of drinking and dining experience.

Located on Park Street, “Barf Soda Paani” an 1,800 square foot pub is all set to make each visitor relax and enjoy his drink seamlessly with hearty one to one conversation and a plate of a wholesome meal to tuck in. Though Kolkata believes in following the Westernized drinking culture, with clubs and lounges, loud music and dingy interiors, what lacked in the city was the concept of a happy drinking place. An Indian equivalent of an English Pub is what “Barf Soda Paani” is all about, in which the whole concept of drinking has been trimmed down to its fundamentals. This 59 seater pub with its cozy leather seating, poster-clad interiors, pre-fitted icebox and two taps on each table dispensing unlimited soda and water, to the decibel of music, comfort delicacies like wide range of finger foods, Paos, Bengali luchi in Mexican Avatar (read Tacos!), Sizzlers, Kulzza (a mating of Pizza and Kulcha), Fusion Pastas served with garlic naan crisps, and of course, a whole range of alcoholic drinks and cocktails is sure to be one-of-its kind.

So, schedule your year ender plan very soon, as the countdown is about to begin! This pub remains open from 12 Noon to 11.30 pm seven days a week and the pocket pinch is approximately Rs. 1000 for two with alcohol (exclusive taxes).

Address: 1st Floor, 24, Park Street, Annex Building, Magma House Complex, Kolkata - 700016

Ph: 079802 14414