Calcutta Club hosted its annual International Evening on the 20th of January and as usual it was a huge success.

There were a number of world cuisines represented the most popular of which were the food counters from the Philippines, Russia and Japan which churned out numerous delicious dishes. The Philippines had excellent mutton, pork, and prawns as part of their national dishes and the Russian counter produced some tasty blinis with caviar and salmonaccompanied by vodka shots, there were beef dumplings and scrumptious cream eclairs among others. The Wall also served up some delectable Japanese sushi and maki rolls. However, you had a wide variety of edibles to taste from – German, English, Middle Eastern Tibetan, Icelandic and French Crepes, etc. In other words you would not have returned home hungry even if you tried!

The evening’s show of Chinese dragon dances performed with accompanied musicians and a beautifully executed ballet drew the crowd’s rapt attention.

Following this IpsitaGanguli, the compere got everyone rocking on the dance floor to some international beats which ended up with the latest Bollywood tunes. Numerous prizes were awarded to the best and most energetic dancers.

There were a number of bars set up throughout the grounds which kept the lines to them short and ample food ticket counters too.

The entire event was very well organized by Calcutta Club.