Our four day holiday to the Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, was an idyllic one and a breath of fresh air after the cloying pollution of Delhi. Very similar to the Centara Grand in Krabi, Thailand, the resort was perfect with its luxurious rooms, the Jacuzzi in the swimming pool, the exotic facilities provided in the spa particularly known for its unusual and exclusive treatments and therapies and of course, the exquisite view of the valley around.  Walking into the meandering paths leading to the cottages cozily tucked amongst the dense profusion of green foliage and the golf carts deftly maneuvered by the staff, I was reminded of Krabi. It almost seemed a replica of the Centara Grand with the absence of the beach. But, the spectacular view made up for the sea. The magnificent Shivalik mountain range serves as the backdrop of this tranquil setting. This exclusive destination can be reached only by the cable car which itself was an exhilarating experience for our children. It is a popular destination for weekend getaways from cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla and Kasauli.

As the name Moksha suggests, the solitude and calm atmosphere of the place and its location at an elevation of 5,000 feet above sea level, strives to provide the ultimate experience of putting the stress of the material world aside and reaching out to the inner self. Due to the altitude, the weather remains moderate even during the summer months.

Interestingly, the logo is a symbolization of Lord Shiva’s third eye. In other words, it is the inner eye which is a reflection of the soul. The world is full of chaos and we are shackled in the midst of all this turmoil. Hence, the logo symbolizes the desire to help guests attain a holistic approach to life. The spa makes one forget all stress related ailments and one just sinks into the luxurious pampering of the body, mind and soul. Delightful hot stone massage, Aromatherapy massage, Deep tissue massage, Foot Reflexology massage, Shiroabhyanga, which is the Indian head massage, are utter bliss to tourists. Other unique facilities include yoga sessions in the fresh, clean outdoors under the guidance of a trained instructor and interestingly, trying out gourmet cooking. Sampling unusual organic wine and watching the sunset every evening was a most enchanting experience. We took numerous photographs and captured moments on film which we browse through with fondness and nostalgia at times.

The Moksha resort is also the ideal destination for corporates to bond and indulge in team building exercises. Adventurous activities like Burma bridge, zip liners, rope net climbing, barbed wire crawl, rock climbing and challenging trails test the stamina and endurance of team members and draw out the best in them. Outdoor sports like cricket, badminton and basketball are also provided at the resort. It is a perfect blend of business and pleasure at Moksha which is evident in the countless offsite trips organized here by well-known companies. There are also a variety of indoor games at the disposal of those who are not the adventurous, outdoor kinds. There is also a Moksha Special Retreat offering a stay of two nights with a choice of services available at the spa which also include complimentary scheduled yoga sessions, consultation with Ayurvedic doctors, interesting nature walks, a bottle of Himachali wine along with complimentary breakfast and dinner. The rates are very reasonable and one can check discounts available during certain periods and plan the visits accordingly.

The restaurant displays a succulent variety of dishes catering to all kinds of guests. Right from Thai and Oriental to Continental and of course, Indian, there is an impressive spread. Adding to the attraction is in the fact that fresh ingredients sourced locally are used in the kitchen. Some vegetables and fruit are grown in the garden within the property. Local flavor is largely evident in the unusual cuisine, for instance, peaches form an integral part of the dishes, as well as, various other fruits and vegetables available in the region. I must not fail to mention the terrace area that provides a great outdoor seating arrangement which is the perfect foil for the menu. The breathtaking view makes it all the more splendid.

To end this narrative, I hope this piece is recommendatory and informative, since a personal touch makes it all the more alluring! My experience was such that we did not feel like leaving at the end of our stay. Our friends also shared the same emotion when we exchanged notes.

Visitors seldom leave the Moksha without regret and seem reluctant to step out of the cocoon of comfort into the outside world with all its chaos and stress.