Hosting a luncheon for the start-up of Window on Travel’s new digital avatar, Tehnaz Dastoor, editor and publisher, got together many of her writers and contributors. The mellow, late winter sunshine, contrasted with the supercharged indoors, as the groups exchanged notes and anecdotes, some of the younger ones asking for tips for improvement, others throwing up new ideas, everyone in a state of enjoyment and fulfillment.

Many amongst those present--Sayanti, Abhishek, Gayatri, Piu, Ritusmita, Simi, Rukshana, Katayun, Hemlatha, Priya, Rita—were foodies or food bloggers who expressed particular appreciation for the delicate appams and stews, the fish curry and rice, and idli-smabar combine, showing various facets of the South Indian culinary specialties, presented by the host’s own chefs. Though not physically present, due to indisposition, yet Rajen Bali’s large involvement was palpable.