Cozy pubs, a pauwa Whiskey to sip, hearty one to one conversation with friends, and a plate of succulent, flavorful Kebabs to tuck into is what the City of Joy requires to sum up their days (and nights!). Nights that are spent soaking up Patiala pegs are usually accompanied by platters of kebabs. Crunchy, soft, tender and melt in mouth – all kinds grace the occasion. Kebabs if paired with certain liquor can create a magical combination.

Located in Park Street, “Barf Soda Paani”, visualized as the Neighborhood Pub, has everything designed to make each visitor relax and enjoy his drink seamlessly. Keeping that in mind, Barf Soda Paani has come up with a unique “Whisky and Kebab Festival” to pep up your summer.

This festival will have an array of mouthwatering Veg and Non-Veg kebabs complimenting different whiskeys. This month-long festival will have on the spread recipes like Silbatte Ki Shammi, a signature recipe of Mutton mince Shammi, Pan Grilled with Spices. This dish is paired with Glenfiddich Single Malt.

The Matured single malt scotch have a distinctive creamy feel with a long smooth and mellow finish and bonds well with the spices and soft mutton mince. Another distinctive dish which will make you fall in love is Chicken Burrah, a Mughlai Classic, tender chicken cubes marinated with Indian spices and cooked in Tandoor, paired with VAT 69, the most famous blended Scotch whiskey, best from 100 casks, the VAT 69. Its thick and juicy malt flavour goes very well with with Classic Chicken Burrah.

You can also enjoy Hanoi Grill Chicken, which is a Vietnamese style tangy – salted grilled chicken with full and spiced flavor. This is paired with Teacher’s 50, the blended scotch with rich, full nose and spicy finish that goes very well with tangy spicy Hanoi Grilled Chicken, and Nimbu Mirchi ki Fish Tikka, boneless cubes of Bhetki, marinated with lime chili, cooked in slow tandoor with Chivas Regal, a perfect premium blend of Highland, with smooth rich taste that goes amazingly well with tangy fish.

Even the vegetarian options are no less sinful. Bhatti ki Paneer, paired with 100 Pipers, is one of the finest blends of Scotch Whiskey with gentle, smooth and smoky notes that mellow down subtly the spicy roasted Indian spices.

You can also enjoy Mushroom Gilouti, succulent and delicious Pan fried minced mushroom kebab, a vegetarian delight, suggested with Jack Daniels. The lovely aromatic Tennessee Whisky paired awesome with subtle mushroom aroma, and Hara Bhara Kebab paired with Blenders Pride which is a premium blend of Indian grain spirits and imported scotch malt, with intense smoky flavour yet smooth that matches goes well the spiced, fried patties.

So Come and experience this month-long magic at Barf Soda Paani from 10th May, as they pair the fiery flavors of kebabs with complimenting whiskeys, for a perfect evening experience.

Occasion: Kebab and Whiskey Festival at Barf Soda Paani

Address: 1st Floor, 24, Park Street, Annex Building, Magma House Complex, Park Street Area, Kolkata-700016

Hrs: 12 Noon-11.30 PM

Price For 2: Rs. 800/- +taxes (With alcohol)