JUSCO is all set to introduce a wristwatch-like device to ensure that women are safe in Jamshedpur. The watch includes a smart button which will be sending an alert to pre-fed emergency numbers including police, JUSCO security and family members. This joint initiative by Tata Communications and JUSCO will be first tested on 20 women employees of Tata Steel. This amazing and handy Internet of Things [IoT] based wearable smart device will be GPS-enabled and will cost around Rs. 3,000.

Women's safety is a matter of major concern all over the country, and such a quick-responding mechanism to help women in distress is a major initiative. If a woman feels unsafe, she just needs to press the button on the device and the pre-defined emergency numbers will immediately receive the location information. The GPS is known to trace the present location of the user and the GSM modem will be sending the message to pre-defined numbers. IoT gathers and synthesizes data from different devices and also carries out a transmission to end-user applications. It is the LED indicator which allows two-way communications to send out and acknowledge alerts with different notifications.

The best thing about the device is that it can work effortlessly in basements and other hard-to-reach areas where GSM network will not work. It is hard to predict danger and women are often left in a precarious condition without any immediate help from police. This device will ensure that you are protected even in remote places where network connectivity is poor.

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