Think of Pattaya and the image that comes to the mind is of sea, surf and sun; but if you want something absolutely different and exotic, you simply cannot miss the nightlife on Walking Street in Pattaya. Touted as the biggest party spots of the entire South-east Asia, this place will offer you a one-of-a-kind lifetime experience. This stretch of 1 km just after the beach road is one of the busiest destinations of Thailand, especially for those who want to be part of the famous nightlife of Pattaya. There are numerous bars, restaurants and clubs with bright neon signs and flashy lights; they are good enough to lure you inside. But if they fail to grab your attention, there are always the pretty Thai girls who can easily entice you inside. If you are a first-timer, take a tour of the entire stretch and then decide on your venue.

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The whole street bustles with activities; there are people everywhere as no vehicles are allowed on this road from 6 pm to 2 pm. The choice of venues is quite interesting as you will get a mix of quaint beer joints, the famous Agogo bars, and live music venues to cozy eateries and some extremely popular nightclubs. The Agogo bars of Pattaya are pretty famous; you cannot take a quick sneak-peek, and you need to go inside to experience the lively ambience. Several shows are organized where professional acrobats, dancers and performers take up the stage to entertain guests. Drinks are reasonably priced, and if you want a pretty Thai girl for company, you will find more than one willing. The Angel Witch Agogo show is quite famous, and if you are keen to catch a show, book your tickets beforehand.

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If you chance upon a beer joint, grab a bottle and sit a little to soak up the entire atmosphere. The live music venues will have live bands playing different genres; you may not have a particular favorite, but the enthusiasm of the audience may make you sway to a foot-tapper. Drinks at the nightclubs are pretty expensive, but some of them are extremely posh and remain busy for the entire week. If you are lucky, you may find a place among the crowd. Bring an end to the lively night by dropping at one of the restaurants which serve Thai food. The seafood joints are the largest and display their seafood platter in the front. Take your pick from the squid or the lobster, have it cooked and served it in true Thai style. And if you feel, that the night is still young, you may just hop back to a nightclub or an Agogo bar!