A young and talented artist, Swati Pasari showed her sculptures and paintings at the Emami Chisel Art gallery on Friday, 7thApril. She has exhibited globally in several countries including the UK, Japan and Indonesia as well as in all the major metros in India.

Her ‘paintings’ are a continuation of her fiberglass sculptures in that they are undulating and not, by any means, flat canvases.  They could well be murals, very colorful and narrative.  They echo the themes painted all over the sculptures in three hundred and sixty degrees and end up very decorative and would probably enhance the interiors of corporate spaces as well as homes.  Her sculptures display life as she sees it – warm, fun-filled and humane. There are musical instruments, animals, and village scenes portraying laughter and happiness.

Her pranik healing and her meditation techniques are both supportive of her style and content. Swati is confident and very positive about her work.  She has deliberated and determined what, why and how she will proceed.  In one so young we might expect confusion, trial and error but Swati chooses her idiom and style carefully.  She is following her dream.  An exhibition that is a breath of fresh air is strongly recommended if merely to please the senses and soothe the mind.

On interviewing the artist I discovered that Swati has some far-reaching goals.  “Immortality and timelessness are what my paintings are all about.  I have achieved inner peace through my work" says the young painter.  She hopes others too will find this “inner stillness” as they enjoy her art.   “My paintings are an extension of myself” says Swati who is working towards a major show in the course of 2017 that will require tremendous preparation.  Being a pranik healer she has a highly developed spiritual side to her personality.  She “looks at each painting as a mirror" reflecting herself with “all her positivity enhanced”.  Each little drop of water, each little grain of sand, make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.  Thus, this exhibition will lead to many others and her art will experience growth.  I wish her success in her creative endeavors and hope she will achieve her goal.