Taj Bengal is doing a luncheon and dinner special pop-up from the 29th of August through the 2nd of September 2018 called Southern Spice, at the Sonargaon.

This isn’t your simple idly/dosa/vada menu but a refined gastronomic experience for the gourmand as Chef Shankar from the Taj Coromandel has been specially flown in for this food festival. Chef Shankar was the chef with the Taj team at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland and has served up his delicacies at the Taj Palace in Delhi too. For the Taj Bengal, he has curated a southern experience for his diners which includes specialties from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

This is vegetarian heaven for those that appreciate food induced with delicate spices that just tickles the palate and hits the right spot! Your meal includes among others Pachakari Kuruma (spring vegetables cooked in Kerala style rich coconut and cashew curry); Asparagus Paruppu Usili (asparagus and steamed lentils tempered with Madras chilies); Urulai Vathakal (pebble potatoes slow cooked with homemade clarified butter); Kadala Gassi (black chickpeas in a byadgi chilly and coconut curry); and Tomato Pappu (split pigeon pea stewed with plum tomatoes and pearl garlic); and Pachakari Ishtew (seasonal fresh vegetables with slow cooked onion and green chili, gently simmered in coconut milk). The accompaniments of sambhar, steamed rice, parotas and appams are also delicious. For dessert the Pradhaman or rice flakes and jaggery confection tops up the meal perfectly.

For the non-vegetarians you can commence with the Alleppey Fish Curry (seer fish morsels simmered in a green mango and coconut curry); and move onto the Kori Gassi (chicken with Byadgi chilies, coconut, fenugreek and tamarind); follow-up by the Vaigai Kari Sukkha (succulent lamb shoulder meat, cooked gently with spices) and culminate with Pachakari Kuruma (spring vegetables cooked in Kerala style rich coconut and cashew curry). The slow-cooked pebble potatoes and split pigeon pea stewed with plum tomatoes and pearl garlic together with the sambhar, rice, parotas and appams rounds off the meal perfectly. Finally, the Pradhaman dessert is not too sweet so as to disturb the palate.

Our suggestion is to call immediately and make a reservation as soon as possible, as this pop-up will leave the city soon.

Address: The Taj Bengal, 34B, Belvedere Road, Alipore, Kolkata – 700027. Ph: (033) 6612-3939

Dates: 29th August − 2nd September 2018

Prices: Vegetarian - Rs. 2250; and Non-vegetarian Rs. 2550