From the renowned hand-woven district of Phulia hails the new line of sustainable clothing designed by Priyangsu Maji and Sweta Tantia called “Tahweave’’.

Phulia is a small village that resides on the banks of the River Ganga and home to exquisite weavers who have mastered their ancestral profession. After seeing the neglected condition of the village, they decided to join hands with the weavers and do their part as social entrepreneurs to uplift the village.

Through this e-commerce platform, a taste of rich Indian heritage is delivered to the doorstep of every customer of every customer worldwide. The clothing line aims at providing exclusive prêt at affordable prices using sustainable clothing as well as providing a livelihood and better standard of living to the rural artisans.

With more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, the duo draws inspiration from the deep roots of India – its traditions and diverse culture. An initiative towards Corporate Social Responsibility by the duo to bring about a small change in the lives of people working around them.

“With the launch of our hand-loom and handcrafted weaved brand TAHWEAVE we want to give back a portion of our profit to improve the habitable condition of the weavers.

Tahweave will be available on Ph: 9831478599