Lush greenery, summer breeze and eye-soothing summer wear. Yes, Saturday evening was something of sheer bliss for all the fashionistas, who are in love with relaxed, hand- woven clothing.

On 6th May, 2017, Tollygunge Club provided an excellent background to the easy and fun summer collection by ‘Tahweave’ which has drawn its inspiration from the deep roots of India’s tradition and culture. Tahweave reflects the undying passion of the designer duo, Sweta Tantia & Priyangsu Maji of the designer label GARO.

This new line of sustainable clothing is unique in a different sense altogether. The renowned district of Phulia, known for their handwoven textiles has been brought back to life by Tahweave. This brand and the collection is an effort to uplift the condition of this once-affluence place.

From serene colors to breezy fabric, their collection is sure to offer you a fresh touch to your fashion wardrobe and when you know that a portion of the profits is allotted to the improvement of the condition of weavers, a smile is sure to dance on your lips.