Some of the pandals from South Kolkata which caught our fancy not only for the themes but also for the quality of their workmanship, attention to detail and their eco-friendly products. Below are a few of those we chose to share with you.

Chetla Agrani Club

From old fashioned letter boxes, over 3,000 of them displayed before you walk in to typewriters, radios, phones, lanterns, clocks and an old-fashioned bed and an upright piano all suggest things from the past.

The viewer gets to see what life was a few decades earlier and how it has changed with the internet, cell phones, and the lack of a need for radios, lanterns and clocks.

Natun Dal

Behala Nutan Dal’s theme was drew its inspiration from the temples of Bankura and Purulia representing 'Mahalakkhir mahamaya – Rekhdeuler parampara.' Artist Rono Banerjee with his 14-armed Durga idol stole the show.

Ballygunge Cultural

Ballygunge Cultural Association decided to do a blend of the traditional pujas and art forms with more modern elements.They used eco and environmentally-friendly materials such as bamboo, cane and steel.

Suruchi Sangha

Suruchi Sangha designed a replica of an old aristocratic bonedi Bengal Bari with a hand-pulled ceiling fan and ornate wrought iron stairs typical of those houses.

However, large parts of the ceiling appeared to have been broken and reminded us a lot of the houses which were recently demolished due to the metro work in the city.

Hindustan Park

A superb fiber glass sculpture representing the 9 expressions of emotions such as love, peace, anger, hatred, strength, lust, fear and wonder were seen in the form of dancing women in 9 different classical dance forms at the entrance of the pandal. The creator of this work, Anirban Das also stated that the Durga was fashioned to represent “peace”.

Shib Mandir

Shib Mandir with their innovative themes never fails to disappoint.

This year too, the pandal donned a folk art inspired look with beautiful terracotta idols.

Ekdalia Evergeen

Although Ekdalia Evergreen is one of the most sought-after pujas in South Kolkata with huge lines of people waiting to visit, the experience somehow lacks the appropriate response. The security guards hardly let you take a quick glance and are constantly blowing their whistles to manage the crowds and the pandals too leave the visitor a little disappointed. The Puja replicated some of the more famous temples across the country. Special mention should be made of the lighting and the glitz and glamor of the pandal.

Photo credits: Tehnaz Dastoor