Indian weddings are traditionally a multiple day affair, and involve many intricate ceremonies. Whatever is the event, there is bound to be a fashionable look for your groom to adopt. With modern designs incorporated along with traditional styles, men have a plethora of options to look their best on the big day. Fashion for the men in the weddings in India is seeing an upscale now.

This time of the year is the best time to add a few layers to your style and yet look trendy. The Classic Collection by Surbhi Pansari includes a wide range of monochrome suits with chequered trouser and jackets to up your fashion game this season. The season has its own range of colors to fit the trend like Ebony, Charcoal Grey, Midnight Blue and Indigo Blue. Apart from the subtle hues of blue, the collection also includes suits in the shades like Celery Green and Coral. Your attire speaks volume on your big day. To get the perfect look you can always experiment with cufflinks, printed ties, pocket squares along with the right pair of shoes.

ABOUT SURBHI PANSARI: When one thinks of the fashion industry, it invariably tends to be associated with designers and their beautiful cuts and creations for women. Surbhi Pansari, however, decided to tread the not-so-frequently travelled road of exclusive menswear. Characterized by her individual style, classic craftsmanship and fit, use of ultra-luxe fabrics, vibrant colors and blending of ethnic colors, cuts and silhouettes with Western influences, Pansari’s designs are classy, contemporary and indeed affordable. Label Surbhi Pansari’s Collection-The Classic Collection 2019