Sibarita Design Studio creates concepts and spaces of unsurpassed beauty, with “The Pleasure Principle” being the underlying note. Sibarita offers in both overseas as well as in  India, 360° design services in architecture, interior design, space planning, furniture making, brand identity, landscape design and master planning. Specialized in luxury hotels, restaurants and residential.

The company’s goal is to recreate a Sybaritic life by celebrating pleasure and beauty in all spaces, in the form of objects that are now rare or unique, as the techniques to make them are being lost with time. This incredible passion for handcraftsmanship represents a heritage, tradition and history that goes back to generations of artisans and master craftsmen, whose legacy is eroding as mass-produced objects take over. The inherent skills forming the arts and crafts of Sibarita represent the brand’s passion and love of creating bespoke one-of-a-kind pieces for a discerning clientele. Sibarita serves to curate both the finest, spectacular and nouvelle designs the world has to offer, through the fusion of heritage and tradition. Timeless updated classics and authentic reproductions provide an unmatched combination of inspired design, high quality and unparalleled value, reflecting the refined sense of luxury and character that was once experienced in Sybaris.

Sibarita transports you to a world of pleasure and luxury. Conceptualized and created by Patricia Emma Fernandez Ortiz, Sibarita was born out of her love for pleasure and luxury, and the desire to create living spaces that embody these elements.