R | Elan™ presented SHIVAN & NARRESH at LFW, with its latest collection - Patu Series - featuring 6 new prints - Panthera, Sunderbans, Iconorosh, Fagun, Urvi and Deccan, where it captured the indigenous art forms from the belt of Bengal, Odisha & Andhra Pradesh - on R | Elan™ FreeFlow fabrics, made from specially engineered fibres that provides perfect blend of functionality and fashion. R | Elan™ FreeFlow based SHIVAN & NARRESH Patu Series collection is an explicit concoction that meets the lifestyle aspirations of millennials.

The latest SHIVAN & NARRESH Patu Series captures the sublime elements of Bengal’s Pattachitra art and juxtaposes it with the intrinsic Tholu Bommalata leather puppetry of Andhra Pradesh. The seamless mélange of the two tribal art forms: former that depicts tribal art of Bengal and the latter that renders shadow puppetry on leather, has set the foundation for the series, thus aligning it with the bold, confident and sophisticated lifestyle of millennials.

The Patu Series, envisioned for millennials on a luxurious getaway, presents signature Shivan & Narresh prints of the season illustrated effectively on the key ensembles against a luminous colour palette of Amber, Indigo, Slate, Ruby, Dusk and Jade while capturing the sprawling enthusiasm of an indulgent holiday, a decadent destination wedding and a plush honeymoon. The luscious R | Elan™ FreeFlow fabric when illuminated with the series’ handcrafted signature Patu Skeinwork showcase a lustrous canvas that is immersed in the beauty of Pattachitra art form.