On the 6th of April, GD Birla Sabhagar staged a production of ‘Saat Teri Ekvis’, directed by Pratik Gandhi, produced by Manhar Gandhia Production. The framework of the play was of seven monologues spoken by women to the audience, about their daily challenges being a part of what is considered the weaker sex, and also how they overcome it, unwilling to suppress their individuality. The cast comprised Chitraleka Rathod, Binda Rawal, Veronica Gautam, Ami Trivedi, Namrata Pathak, Tusharika Rajguru and Bhamini Oza Gandhi.

The monologues were originally written in Gujarati, then translated into Hindi for dramatization. The connecting theme of all monologues is that of desire that triumphs despite sustained efforts of suppression by society.

Each woman embodies an issue that is stigmatized by society, but is not necessarily immoral in itself. These womanologues explored certain central ideas such as survival, intimacy, individuality that is devoid of hypocrisy, motherhood, love, birth and appreciation.

Some of the actions of these characters adopted by the speakers were such that would make the conventional patriarchy wince as they flouted certain principles created by the male-dominated society that are geared to cage women up. The women in these brief dramatic speeches were those who had initially consented to being silenced, but then defying it because it did not bode well with them. These women were uninhibited and proudly deviant because they realize their greater purpose.

Each monologue had its own element of charm. It was advantageous that it was in Hindi, as several families had come to watch, and must have gleaned much from them. The women did a splendid job of the roles they had taken on, truly digging deep. The monologue form gave the entire production a sort of intimacy that is required for such a delicate yet pressing issue. By the end, it was successfully conveyed that women are not to be sidelined or hushed up, as they will undoubtedly break away and revolt.