Consumed by immense wanderlust, Supriya Newar has been traveling for quite some time now. It all started with spending every summer holiday in Kalimpong, her mother’s hometown. She has been going to the hills ever since childhood. The last ten years has been quite a journey and she has photographed every bit of it. To share her experiences and tales through photographs, “Pahadi Dhun”, a solo exhibition of photographs capturing the magic of mountains, was held at Taj Bengal from 9th to 15th of July.

She says that the Himalayas have always been a special place for her. Elevating and breathtaking, the beauty of the land and its people has allured her for thirty years and more. She says that her photographs are therefore more from the perspective of a traveler’s eye than a photographer’s lens. Most of the photographs were taken during solo expeditions, right from Ladakh to Uttarakhand, Bengal, Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan, ending at Meghalaya. It is the love for travel and hills which precedes her love for photography. Supriya believes that there is not much comparison in art; it is mostly what one feels. The simplistic life of the people in the hills, their warmth and hard working nature is what draws her nearer to them each time. The holistic beauty of these remote places inspires her to frame her memories. All her photographs have a very personal touch to them, with no amount of added elements. The use of natural light, layering and shading is beautiful. The subjects are simple yet moving.

The response to her first photo exhibition was very good. Supriya hopes to travel more and keep capturing the breathless beauty of the majestic hills.