Vintage Asia at JW Marriott Kolkata can be considered to be a paradise for Passionate Foodies like myself who enjoy stylish, authentic Asian food. The food is inspired by the Asian Culinary heritage serving both Thai and Chinese cuisines − showcasing two separate Thai and Chinese interactive kitchens. The restaurant decor has an eclectic combination of contemporary cosmopolitan lines and rustic Oriental textured wooden touches – a perfect ambiance for a great dining experience.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Sudip Misra (Executive Sous Chef) whose tremendous global experience has contributed to the design of the Asian food specialities. As I understood from him, the restaurant promises strong emphasis on the finest fresh and traditionally-sourced ingredients, with spices purchased directly from the country of the cuisine.

At the on-start of our meal we were served with a long spout personalized tea service – a traditional Chinese Tea ceremony to help cleanse the palate before the lunch. We started with a refreshing Spicy Pineapple and Bell Pepper Twister which was an excellent combination with their amazing signature Dim Sums which can be compared with the best restaurants of Hong Kong! The specialty Dim Sum worth mentioning was the Pork Xiao Long Bao which had a juicy flavor with a unique broth.  There are several star items in this category - from the Edamame and Truffle Dim Sum and the Asparagus, Water Chestnut Crystal Dim Sum which were delicious as they literally melted in your mouth.  All the Dim Sums were served with their respective amazingly unique sauces.  The Mountain Chili and the Burnt Tomato and Garlic Sauce were my favorites. The sauces were definitely the differentiator.

In the appetizer (small beginnings) section, I recommend the Wok-Tossed Mushroom and Asparagus in a lime butter sauce which was a culinary delight as there were 4 varieties of unusual mushrooms.  The Steamed Silken-Tofu Tossed with the Chiu Chow Chili Oil had an amazing texture and was extremely well presented with the Edamame.  A delight for seafood lovers was the unique Crispy Soft Shell Crab coated with their home made 7 spice mix.   For the main course, the Spiced Caramelized Pork Belly stole the culinary show!  To obtain the unusually soft texture the product is marinated and slow-cooked for 6 hours so that it takes 2 days to reach the plate.  The Roast Chicken from Northern Thailand which was inspired from Thai street food was delicious with an incredible presentation.  For the vegetarian lovers, I recommend the Crispy Taro ring filled with a spicy tofu and chili bean sauce.  The Lotus Root  was brilliant with the Original Thai Lotus Root crisply fried with pumpkin and tossed in a black bean sauce.

We rounded off the meal with a couple of the classic desserts – Thai style Tub Tim Krob (chilled jellied water chestnut and sweetened coconut cream) and Toffee Sesame Banana with Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

Pricing for Vintage Asia would be lower than the other Asian restaurants in the 5 star hotels in the city.  A pocket pinch of Rs. 2,000 plus taxes for 2 people.

All in all, full credit to Vintage Asia for a delicious, extravagantly hand-crafted menu, presented with global sophisticated culinary expertise…..definitely an Oriental affair to remember!

Address: 4A, J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata 105. Ph: 033 6633 0000.