Healthy food options, especially when it comes to restaurant has always been limited in a city like Kolkata, where people prefer taste over health. But in a crisis like this, when our health is at stake, how advisable is it to order food from outside? Even if the restaurant is following every safety precaution, choosing healthy food is the wisest option available. But does ordering food from outside means unhealthy? Not necessarily.

Mint Health Café is back with their healthy dishes post lockdown. Our café was started with a singular focus, i.e. to help you change the perception that healthy food is bland and boring. At Mint, what we offer is not just healthy but is also amazingly delicious, and by healthy we do not mean just its nutrient value, but also the fact that we have always followed all safety precautions and now with the recent situation, we are even more careful. From using thermal checks, to frequent sanitization and constant use of gloves and mask, we can assure you, ourfood is as safe as your home-cooked meals and as tasty as you have always wished for.

Make your affair with food a delicious one because we use the finest quality spices to enhance the flavor of the food. ‘Mint’ allows you to keep your eating habits healthy, simple and tasty! Get the goodness of all in our wide range of to-die-for dishes. Biding adieu to fried food, we cook using methods like grilling, baking and stir frying.

Along with providing you food with a twist, we make sure the food is palatable to your tongue and stomach! From salads to wraps and sandwiches to one potmeals, we have it all under one roof.

We also help you to keep yourself hydrated withjuices and drinks made with the best of fruits. No added sugar, no added preservatives. Just the right combination of nutrients to keep you nourished and on your feet all day long!

Whether you’re hitting the gym or are super busy at work, we have meals for everykind of mood and budget. Get yourself a yummy meal with a health twist only at Mint. We assure you that you’ll come back again and again!

Our food is easily available on call, through our delivery app and even for take-away. So the next time you are feeling the urge for a delicious yet healthy treat, look no further, because we are here to satiate your taste buds with healthy treats.

Address: 1C Jatin Bagchi Road, Golpark, Kolkata – 700029
Ph: +918420399970
Hours: 7am – 10 pm