Captain George Vancouver of the Royal Navy has to be the second greatest British explore, after Captain Cook. His expedition to the Pacific Northwest in the 1790s is one of the most important expeditions of those times. The city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, is named after him. Also named after him are Vancouver in Washington State, Mount Vancouver on the Alaska/Yukon border and the sixth highest mountain in New Zealand.

I had a wonderful time in this city of many attractions like water bodies, fabulous views, great atmosphere and some quite impressive eating in China Town and the city’s (not so) ‘Little Punjab”. But today’s story is about a rather unique invention by a ‘cannibal’. Actually ‘The Cannibal Café’

This “Informal, punk-rock-themed burger joint with build-your-own options and beers on tap”. It has some very interesting specialty burgers. These include: ‘The Steve Martin ‘The Jerk’, ‘Silence of the Lamb”, ‘Bacon Bad’, ‘Slammin’ Salmon’, ‘Belle Province’, and, ‘Classic Jr.”

Then they added a (Sardar Burger?) and called it ‘THE MINISTER OF NATIONAL DELICIOUSNESS’.  This burger has: Pressed yogurt with mint, cilantro, cucumber, tandoori spiced chicken patty with scratch butter chicken sauce. Onion Pakora with jalapeno mint cilantro and chickpea flour”.

This Chicken Burger has been named to pay tribute to a Tiger (Singh), Canada’s first Sikh Defense Minister, Harjit Sajjan. This Defense Minister is a true warrior having served in Bosnia and having had three deployments in Afghanistan.

Minister Sajan made it a point to visit The Cannibal Café and ask for the burger named after him. The very first bite and the Minister said: “I approve. It’s got pakoras on it. Who would’ve thought to put it into a burger.”

Kudos to The Cannibal, the Minister and pakoras-butter chicken sauce burger.