During our childhood, we all had curiousness towards our mother’s wardrobe and makeup set.The prohibition of using “grownup’s products” and facing the fact that only the adults can usesuch beautiful products often brought tears to our eyes. We all had a feeling of wanting to grow- up as early as possible so that we can use the products of our childhood dreams. Be it thebeautiful jamdani saree or the lipstick, they occupied a special corner in our hearts.

Sailee, a foreign banker, has come up with a unique idea of fulfilling the dreams of the youngones through her brand “Meghbalika”. After completing her MBA, Sailee started working as afull-time banker but inspired by her childhood fantasy, she always wanted to start something tosatisfy the needs of not only the new age parents but also the children who will become the styleicons of tomorrow. Using the tagline, “a fairy tale that never ends”, Meghbalika has brought anidea of exclusive collections of handcrafted styling boutique products, especially for children.

Buying clothes of unique style and up to date fashion often becomes a stressful work for the newage parents as these are very hard to get. “Meghbalika” curates special handcrafted accessoriesto complete the style statement of the new-age Children. Handcrafted neckband, theme-basedhairbands, hairclips − you name it and they have it ready for your kids.

Till a certain age, we forbid our children to wear makeup to avoid harmful chemicals on theirsupple and sensitive skin. But Meghbalika has introduced a beautiful collection of handmadeorganic lipstick and eyeshadow sets for kids to gift them a little part of their future self. Not onlythis, they have some attractive collection of Jamdani, Kantha stitch sarees for kids so that theirdemand for looking like their mother can be fulfilled.

In the words of Sailee, “All these fascinating handcrafted cosmetics (like kid’s lipstick) and stylingproducts (kids neck bands), kids fashion boutique sarees, in Meghbalika are inspired from mostof my unshared childhood memories which have created a beautiful moment in my heart. I havenamed my brand ‘Meghbalika’ after Joy Goswami’s famous poem which talks about childhoodinnocence. My brand tells the tales of childhood tales and every product reflects memories frommy childhood. I want us to share and cherish those small little, yet the most precious wondermoments with each other and also with our little ones and pay a visit tothe long-lost memory lanes of our childhood”. Meghbalika would also try to add somecreativeness in the lives of the young ones of today by conducting workshops on craft-making,storytelling, painting, etc and would give them a chance to showcase their talents in this platform.

Every product of Meghbalika consists of a childhood story that makes this brand unique andhearttouching.

Be a part of “a fairy tale that never ends” with Meghbalika and grab their exclusive collectionsspecially designed and crafted for your children from their social media site and their websitewww.meghbalika.co.in.