Sitting on Kolkata's Park Street, Mamagato lets you experience the Asian Street Food flair with innovative cuisine choices from China, Thailand, Japan, Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia.  This is the first Asian street-dining cafe experience in Kolkata with a casual-fun-twist and an amazing creative ambience.

Mamagoto literally means ‘To Play with Food’.  And anyone that enjoys a good Singaporean or Thai street food vibe will truly appreciate the fun-filled, somewhat noisy restaurant which caters to the 30 something crowd. But a great place for all to hang-out in with friends and family.

The ground floor houses 2 tables for the over flow from the first floor and has an edgy décor. The 50-seater restaurant with an almost 1970s Mary Quantish decorative vibe, features art of some large Asian women and other tongue-in-cheek posters.

When Window on Travel dropped in to do some tasting, the restaurant was brimming with patrons of all ages, excited to try out some new cuisine choices or old favorites from the Mamagatos hosted in other cities.


The menu offers different East Asian Cuisines in a variety of cooking methods such as wok tossed, fried, grilled and steamed. On offer are vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of cold plates, soups and salads, noodle and rice bowls and curries to share with indication at the bottom of the menu with icons of an old lady (indicating the more traditional food), healthy eating, mama’s recommendations and spicy dishes.

We started with a refreshing Kiwi Mint Collin priced at Rs.169 which was an excellent combination with the Snow Pea and Green Bean salad. This signature salad priced at Rs.319 combines the sweetness of coconut milk with the sourness of Tamarind along with a peanut crunch to complete the aromatic Thai flavors. The crispy Lotus Stem tossed with burnt garlic and red chilies provided the crunch in texture which added to the Asian street food flavors. The Thai crispy vegetables with a tangy lime and basil dressing, as well as the Hua Hin Highway Rolls just hit your dining sweet spot making the vegetarian fair more exciting than ever before!

The most exotic appetizer creation were the fusion of the Mexican Tacos with an Asian twist called TAHKOH which had gourmet fillings (of prawns and crab) with Asian sauces priced at Rs. 400 onwards.

mamagoto_pic_02The signature main course of choice were the authentic sticky rice bowls or the noodle bowls with a variety of Oriental flavors priced at Rs. 469 onwards which were large enough to be shared. These reminded us of the food bowls tossed freshly and sold by the hawkers on the streets of Asia. Other items which are recommended are the Prawns Three Pepper Bomb (wok-tossed with peppercorns), the Stir-Fried Chicken with Thai Flavored Spices, the Lamb with Chili and Hoisin Sauce, and the Our favorite − the Bangkok bowl and the Laksa tribute, and not to forget the spicy Ramen soup.

To complete this mouth-watering food coma experience, we tried some authentic desserts like the home-made chunky caramel sponge cake served with toffee sauce and the eggless Banofee Pie - a classic mix of whipped cream, caramel and banana priced at Rs. 299.

Overall a great gourmet experience at pocket-friendly prices and a definite recommend!!

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