As the world looks for nifty ways to protect themselves in the battle against the pandemic, Linc Pen and Plastics Limited has announced the launch of a gizmo of the future – the Pentonic Covid-19 Killer. An infinite quest for research and innovation has always set Linc’sPentonic range apart as a trailblazer amongst its kind, and the company has risen to meet the need of the hour. The ground-breaking instrument is a finger-free touch device designed to keep one safe in instances of unavoidable physical contact, primed to be the most technologically advanced product from the house of Linc!

The Pentonic Covid-19 Killer is a pocket-sized, retractable, sterilizing marker, to be used on surfaces while one is on the move, like elevator buttons, doorbells, card swipe machines, ATM buttons, vending machines, switches and innumerable other areas where physical contact might have otherwise been inevitable! Measuring 122mm in height and 20mm in width, it functions as an extension of one’s index finger, making it incredibly easy to carry and use anywhere. With this latest addition to the Pentonic range which is always driven by design,Linc has brought the future of safety to one’s fingertips!

Reducing contact and contamination is only one thing under the arsenal of this gadget; the 70% ethanol-based ink of the Pentonic Covid-19 Killer also sterilizes the surface it touches, combating germs out of one’s way! The neat marker-like design enables an easy one-handed use, making it an indispensable go-to device while stepping out of home. The sleek, compact tool has a smooth, white, plastic body, operated with an easy push button. A refillable cartridge ensures that time never runs out on this mighty weapon. With the replaceable ethanol-based ink refill, it is a convenient and cost-effective product perfect for students, office goers and any and everyone.

Taking pride in being the pioneers of this advanced sanitizing marker, Mr. Deepak Jalan, Managing Director and CEO, Linc Pen and Plastics Limited, said, "Driven by a sense of responsibility towards our society, we set forth to create and launch an avant-garde product that would contribute to the safety of people and touch the lives of all. It was nothing short of a challenging feat to develop and manufacture such a device during the lockdown, when resources were limited."

The product will be available at retail stores, stationery, shops and pharmacies in select cities and on Amazon & Flipkart