The rapidly increasing plastic pollution has become one of the most crucial issues of our times. Plastic items take hundreds of years to decompose and in turn, pollutes the air, soil and water. Single use plastic accounts for 40% of the plastic produced every year and has given rise to a ‘throw-away’ culture.

World Earth Day, celebrated on 22nd April every year, inspires millions of people across the globe to take action for the sake of the planet.

Pentonic, a brand from the house of Linc, one of the leading manufacturers of writing instruments in India, decided to take a bold stand against plastic pollution this year.

While plastic pollution generally reminds us of plastic bags, bottles, wrappers etc., no one gives a second thought to pens, which contribute majorly towards causing plastic pollution. Linc, in its drive to raise awareness against pollution caused by disposal of pens, spread the message of ‘reusing a pen by using a refill’.

The film begins on a little girl’s hand holding a pen and writing on a piece of paper. As the ink runs out, instead of disposing the pen, she replaces the refill and continues to use the same pen. As she writes the names of several endangered animals, each time the letters start moving, untangling and gradually forming the shape of the animal. The film beautifully demonstrates how a small step like using a refill can actually contribute towards a greener earth.

Commenting on the film, Deepak Jalan, Managing Director, Linc Pen & Plastics Ltd., said, “It is our collective responsibility to save the nature and this is least we could do on our part to encourage people to use refill rather than throw the pen just after one use. Thanks to Wunderman Thompson who have helped us to convey the message so creatively”