All around us one sees people, who despite the tough times, have kept going about their jobs, without seeking praise or pat on their backs, bringing joy to millions in the process.

LAY’S, India’s favorite potato chip brand, today launched a campaign to share gratitude towards the unsung heroes who have brought joy to millions. Aptly titled #HEARTWORK, this campaign is a heartfelt, emotional ode to each hero in the brand’s supply chain who works relentlessly against all odds to ensure Lay’s brings joy to millions across the country.

The campaign film signifies that each pack of LAY’S is a celebration of the #HEARTWORK of unseen heroes; Farmers, Factory Workers, Truck Drivers, Distributors, Sales Force, Retailers, and Delivery Executives, whom we don’t always get a chance to thank in person. Through this film the brand extends its sincere appreciation and gratitude to them on behalf of the company and every consumer who enjoys LAY’S.

The film applauds the “Heartwork” of the Indian farmer who puts in utmost care and love in growing the best quality potatoes that go into making of LAY’S. It thanks the factory workers, who work day and night to ensure production of Lay’s. It recognizes the efforts of the truck drivers who often drive long miles across the country, to reduce the distance between the consumer and one of their most loved brands. And, last but not the least, the film expresses gratitude to the retailers and delivery executives who ensure that the snack brand reaches the consumer. It’s a succinct yet heartwarming depiction of #HEARTWORK from lush green potato farms to fingers that consume a pack of Lay’s with utmost joy.

Explaining the idea behind the special ode, Dilen Gandhi, Senior Director and Category Head – Foods, PepsiCo India said, “Every step of the journey from farm to finger is filled with countless stories of people who face tough challenges but overcome them with dedicated efforts and with a smile on their face. They might be working behind the scenes, but they are the real heroes of the story. With the #HEARTWORK campaign, we want to extend our sincere gratitude & appreciation to each one of them. It is thanks to their efforts that LAY’S is able to bring joy to millions of consumers in India.”

The #HEARTWORK campaign debuts with television spots starting today. This will be followed by a longer version of the film on digital media.