Kurkure, one of India’s most loved snack brand, today announced the launch of two new limited time offerings – Gazab Golmaal and Herapheri Hungama – with Bollywood’s leading actor, Akshay Kumar, who has recently been announced as the face of the brand. Kumar was seen donning a never-seen-before, triple avatar role while munching on the new flavors in a unique TVC film.

Being the one-stop family-entertainer all through its 20-year long journey in India, Kurkure has always aimed to add a spark of ‘quirky masti’ into the everyday lives of its consumers through its wide array of delicious product offerings and innovative storytelling. The launch of the new Kurkure Gazab Golmaal and Herapheri Hungama flavors come at the back of the brand’s constant drive to innovate and introduce distinct yet delicious flavors for every palate across India. The two new flavors have been carefully crafted to offer a burst of ‘chatpata, tangy and teekha’ flavors, thus, delighting consumers in every bite.

Expressing his thoughts on the new launch and the campaign, Mr. Dilen Gandhi, Sr. Director and Category Head – Foods, PepsiCo India, said, “Kurkure has always aimed at becoming a key part of the lives of its consumers not only through its memorable and quirky storytelling, but also through its extensive portfolio of unique offerings. We are thrilled to launch Gazab Golmaal and Herapheri Hungama with an element of mystery to tease the taste buds of our consumers. It will be very exciting to see how these exciting new flavors leave them guessing the ingredients, while wanting for more.”

He added, “The ‘masala’ and quirk of brand Kurkure has certainly gone up several notches with the country’s most celebrated actor, Akshay Kumar, coming on-board with us. We are certain that the launch of the new flavors as well as the association with Akshay will hit our consumers with non-stop humor and unmatched ‘quirky masti’.”

Known for his dynamic persona and ‘jhatkedaar’ performances that aim to provide audiences with moments of quirk and entertainment in their daily lives, the new face of Kurkure – Akshay Kumar was seen in his first stint for the brand for the launch of these new flavors. The brand aims to add more youthfulness, humor and Bollywood entertainment to Indian families by associating with the country’s leading actor.

Sharing his excitement on coming on board as Kurkure’s new face, leading actor Akshay Kumar, said, “Kurkure for me has always been about fun and crazy times with family, and I am very excited for this association. The brand’s quirky and unconventional campaigns have stood the test of time and are remembered by one and all. I love entertaining the audience and am looking forward to adding zing to India’s daily lives in a memorable and unique way with Kurkure”.

The exciting association between the brand and Akshay Kumar was revealed in Kurkure’s trademark ‘OTT and quirky style’, generating massive buzz across media platforms. A shot from the TVC was shared by Akshay on his Instagram handle, which resulted in widespread speculation about the star’s new and exciting look. Akshay was then announced as the brand ambassador through a quirky video on Kurkure’s social media handles, where he was seen chanting, “Twinkle, Twinkle sun nayaar, kuchhmasaledaarleke aa rahahai Akshay Kumar’ and posing with the Kurkure Masala Munch pack in a cheeky manner. This was followed by the launch of the new Gazab Golmaal and Herapheri Hungama flavors through the unveiling of the TVC today.

Offering delicious yet mysterious flavors in every munch, Kurkure Gazab Golmaal and Herapheri Hungama flavors are available for a limited time at INR 5 and INR 10 across traditional retail outlets as well as e-commerce platforms.