Tericom (Tehnaz Dastoor and Ritsmita Biswas) organized a high profile photography exhibition on Friday, 6th December at the ICCR, Kolkata. The photographs were of the Kumbh Mela as seen through the eyes of Ambassador Muhamed Čengić of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BnH).

Photo Credits: HE Governor of West Bengal, Jagdeep Dhankar
Photo Credits: Shamlu Dudeja and Sanjay Agarwal

The event was hosted by Honorary Consul General of BnH Kolkata, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal and together with Mr. Satish Tewari, Additional Chief Secretary to the Governor of West Bengal, Mr. Gautam De, Regional Director, ICCR, Mr. Jürgen Thomas Schrod Deputy Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany and danseuse Ms. Alokananda Roy, all participated in the lamp lighting ceremony.

Photo Credits: Sanjay Agarwal ad Satish Tewari
Photo Credits: Suparna and Dinyar Mucadum
An official brochure of the exhibition which displayed 30 photographs culled from over 800 pictures taken by His Excellency Muhamed Čengićduring 2 separate trips made to witness the Kumbh Mela, was also launched.
Photo Credits: Jürgen Thomas Schrod and Reena Deewan
Photo Credits: Sanjay Agarwal and Wasim Kapur

When asked what was it like to be a part of this fantastic event the Ambassador noted: “In my photography, I have described the Kumbh Mela as the sound of the hymns, the air laden with the fragrance of flowers and incense sticks, the skyline adorned with brightly decked up temples that break the cacophony of millions that descend, with the rhythmic chiming of bells and the chants of the mantras. The camps of the akharas and the historic monastic orders were also a big attraction.”

Photo Credits: Mallika Varma
Photo Credits: Ladies

Some of the guests included kantha revivalist Shamlu Dudeja and her daughter Mallika Varma, Nandita Pal Chowdhury, CNN’s Carlyta Mohini, Chef Gaytri Kohli, Art Curator Reena Dewan, CCFC President Mr. Dinyar Mucadum and his wife Suparna, Sasha’s Toopsi Ray and art gallery owners Myna and Onkar Kakkar and Katayun Saklat.