Jhaal Farezi is a popular curry dish consisting of a mishmash of various vegetables, meat and condiments, dating back to British India. TollygungeClub however, served a slightly different preparation of Jhaal Farezi to its members and guests on Saturday, 10th November – an evening of comic theatre, songs and dance, designed and directed by Renu Roy.

Melvin Pinto opened the evening with a Dean Martin number that was followed by a dance recital by students of Vasundhara Gupta Academy who performed to a Ganga Strot. The dancers later re-appeared for a colorful garba performance and Sangita Saraf and Chandan Mukherjee took charge of the microphones to render some popular songs, one of them being a dedication to Tolly Club.

The main course of ‘Jhaal Farezi’ however, were the three one act plays titled – ‘Double Trouble’, ‘All for a Loan’ and ‘Restaurant Ruckus’ each of them, well enacted and scripted, drawing hearty applause and laughter.

Renu Roy, who played an incorrigible wannabe customer of a bank in ‘All for a loan,’ doing exactly that – demanding a loan, did complete justice to her own character and script and had the audience in fits. Her ridiculous wig at the end of which hung a marigold flower added to her comic look. Her son, Keshav who played the harangued banker in the same play and a waiter in ‘Restaurant Ruckus’ played both the roles to perfection. The language, diction and vocabulary in both his roles were as different and chalk and cheese, but he successively pulled off both with equal aplomb and was particularly impressive as a good for nothing waiter.

The first act titled ‘Double Trouble’ saw Keshav Bhalla trying to appease his over the top, nagging wife – quite the caricature of a typical Punjabi mid-aged woman, played by our very own Simi Suri perfectly as she kept the audience in splits, and which set the tone perfectly for the evening.

Jhaal Farezi has already had a good run at The Saturday Club and Tolly is its second club address. Don’t miss it when it comes to yours!

Photo credits: Tehnaz Dastoor