Far from the hustle and bustle of the Kolkata city life is the quaint city of Jamshedpur – a perfect getaway if you are looking for a quick weekend break. Steeped in legacy beginning right with being the birthplace of the famous author Gerald Durrell to a city which saw the establishment and propagation of the biggest steel plant of India; Jamshedpur has always been a city steeped in legacy but at the same time quietly evolving.

A quick trip to the city, where I have been quite a few times, made me list some of my favorite spots and this could serve as a ready reckoner of people planning a quick trip.

Celebrating Nature − Dimna Lake:

Must go in my list whenever I go – the vast expanse of the water body somehow reminds me of the sea and has a calming effect to my usually turbulent mind. In fact I always admire and envy the local people sitting and spending time beside the lake and wish I could just spend some free time devoid of any “worldly woes” by the side of this beautiful water body. Maybe someday! In fact this time I decided to give all my other regular favorite spots of the city – like the Centre of Excellence or Jubilee Park a miss but could not afford to miss a quick trip to Dimna Lake.

The Food Trail:

The journey this time was mostly about food as I was with one of the best known food bloggers of Kolkata – Poorna − and so we were on a food trail. One of the best parts of Jamshedpur is the quality of food – from heritage restaurants to street food − the quality and taste is impeccable. Among the many things which we tried, what bowled me over was the street food – the variety and the quality is mindboggling. So from piping hot littis – perfect for a chilly winter evening – to freshly fried jalebis or hot chanchur from Fakira – you can easily give the restaurants a miss and gorge on street food.

We, however, did not do that and decided to try out some well-established restaurants like Alcove or the newly opened Social 75. In both cases, again the diverse menu, ranging from sushi to Rajasthani laal maas left me amazed. In fact I feel nothing brings out the cosmopolitan nature of the city more than the restaurant menus in Jamshedpur which has a little something for everyone.

..And Finally

A major reason to visit Jamshedpur now is the winter fest. A winter carnival, every year, is being organized in the city which has several events ranging from dog shows to flower shows. On 8th and 9th of December the Jharkhand literary fest began at Jamshedpur which saw acclaimed writer Ruskin Bond address the local audience. The events lined up include a food festival, dance festival, a rare coin show among many others. The fantastic carnival parade is also a major draw and it aptly portrays the cosmopolitan nature of the city.

Winter is probably the best time to visit Jamshedpur and with this winter carnival it has become even more attractive. So what are you waiting for – pack your bags and take that quick break!

Photo Credits: Tehnaz Dastoor