The unfolding of the new Tata Steel campaign We Also Make Tomorrow has a novel resonance to it − there appears to be a market orientation ring, a creating of solutions, the picturization of important new landmarks in this country and beyond that use steel, to show that the company’s products are looking at progressive futures. The earlier campaign was one which we in Public Relations loved to use as a showcasing of Tata Steel’s CSR, with the throwaway line at the end: We also make steel.”

Photo Credits: Gulmuri Club: Gold Advisor
Photo Credits: JRD Sports Grounds: Wikipedia

Jamshedpur, too, has grown apace, while yet retaining the soul of a city with a steely reserve and a caring heart. A green heart too. A model township if there ever was! It is all out there for people to know how it took birth from a visionary dream of its founder Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata, regarded as the father of Indian industry. Jamshedpur, 150 years on, the world’s fifth largest steel company, but, much more than that, a vibrant community with a beautiful environment of parks and gardens and tree-lined streets, with everything that a townspeople could desire. Great schools, colleges, management institutes, sprawling clubs and golf courses, dominated by the gently undulating Dalma Hills, varied eating joints, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, mosques, gurdwara and churches, a zoological garden and a popular picnic spot known as Rivers Meet where Subarnarekha and Kharkai are in confluence and an internationally popular cricket stadium.

All this and plenty more should attract tourists and gen next to come and partake of the variegated offerings of the remarkably vibrant Jamshedpur, connected well by rail and road to every part of India. Jharkhand’s jewel in the crown.

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