On the 10th and 11th of August, the Mumbai based jewelry giant, Jaipur Jewels, held an exhibition at Taj Bengal. The event was curated by Window On Travel’s very own, Dr. Tehnaz Dastoor. The exhibition featured various festive and wedding jewels in fine diamonds and royal polki jadau. This was the company’s first display opportunity in Kolkata, therefore the eagerness was shared both by the presenters as well as the flocking customers.

Jaipur Jewels showcased a number of collections other than their general polki displays. The Historique collection comprised opulent antique pieces dating back to ancient Indian royalty that have been found and crafted into stunning items of jewelry. Therefore, due to their rarity, all these pieces are the only one of their kind, and cannot be duplicated.

The Legends collection is created by crafting rare and tantalizing gems like rubies, sapphires, turquoise, emeralds, Basra pearls and diamonds into pieces dripping with incomparable sophistication. These pieces too cannot be mass produced owing to the exclusivity of the gems.

The Kanaka collection gives the classically ornamental and heavy gold jewelry from South India a new flavor by sprinkling diamonds into the mix. The result is gorgeous statement pieces that never fail to arrest the senses.

Other than these collections, there was a display of jewelry ranging from jhumkas and neck pieces to bracelets, all of unparalleled splendor. The mesmerizing bridal jewelry that is customizable was scintillating.

The associates all responded very favorably when asked about the success of the exhibition. They were pleased by the footfall, and also by the pleasantly large body of jewelry connoisseurs in Kolkata.