There’s a moment of realization that comes over every individual when the thought of turninga hobby into a profession seems less like a crazy notion and more like a tangible idea. This iswhat led the ambitious Rahul Arora, owner and chef at Bon Appetit and ParantheWali Gallito fulfill his dreams. He looks at himself not only as a chef but as a culinary fabricator wholoves to layer flavors and understands the palette of various segments of the market. Both hisventures - Bon Appetit and ParantheWali Galli are contrasting with each other and cater tovery varied sections of the market. Bon Appetit is a super-indulgent teenage friendly cafeteriaand ParantheWali Galli is the one-stop destination for all your Paranthe cravings, which arecurated from inventive creations and interesting mix.

Along with the above-mentioned facts, let us also inform you that he is a true Punjabi whichautomatically sums up his fondness for food. Coming from a hard-core Punjabi family, RahulArora has always been in the hunt for new and unique items to indulge in. Inspired by hismother who is also the prime taster of all his inventions, he has never hesitated in curatingan altogether new dish from distinctive ingredients and we are guessing that’s what madehim what he is today in the food industry.

No matter what, we all love Punjabi cuisine from the bottom of our hearts. There is somethingabout Punjabi food that makes it a culinary showstopper at any event. The cuisine has somuch to offer in terms of drinks, appetizers, bread, curries and also desserts. But still, wealways stick to the same dish of Paneer and Dal Makhni from the vegetarian section of thiscuisine. Isn’t it? So to alter our thoughts about the Punjabi heritage and their delicious food,
Rahul Arora with his mother had organized a unique vegetarian Punjabi Food Pop-up – “MaaSadke” at Bon Appetit on a wintry afternoon. This Pop-up showcased delicious and lipsmacking traditional Punjabi delicacies made by this mother-son duo.

The menu for the Pop-up included Gud Ki Shikanji, MasaleWaliChhalli, PindiCholey, MungDal KeLaddu, LaccheWaliMooli, Beet SirkeWali, Jali Hui Mirch, SarsoKaSaag, Makai KiRoti, Masale Wala Gur, White Butter, Methi Mutter KeKofte, Anardane Wale Aloo, ChaneKi Dal Ka Pulao, BhuneTamatarKa Raita and last but not the least, Gajrella.

All the guests who had attended the pop-up just couldn’t stop licking their fingers. They weretruly mesmerized by the taste and was highly excited for their next target to hog on. The Popup was truly an experience in itself and definitely which anybody would love to attend againand again.

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