To celebrate International Women’s Day, Idea Cellular organized a week-long program for its staff dedicated to learning new skills, thereby adding value for women at the workplace. Ms. Tanuja Chaudhuri organized one such event on the 15th of March, inviting three inspirational women to speak about their lives. Ms. Sudarshana Banerjee, senior GM marketing for the Mani Group, Ms. Prema Rajaram, a senior correspondent at IBN 7 and Dr. Tehnaz Dastoor, former Unicef staff member all spoke about their own experiences, drawing the audience into their worlds.

Prema, kicked off the discussions on the need for fitness through running, yoga, exercise on a daily basis which even top corporate honchos appear to be into. After all, unfit corporate leaders may lead others to questions the fitness of their companies. Hence CEOs such as Anil Ambani of the Reliance Group as well as and N Chandrasekaran of Tata Sons are both running and fitness enthusiasts. Tehnaz spoke about the balance which women had to keep between their work place and homes.  It was incumbent upon women to help other women through building support structures, having leadership training programs specifically targeted for women, instituting gender-neutral family leave for pregnancy care and helping those junior to them to achieve their goals. Sudarshana then expounded on the need to develop women business leaders by encouraging other women at the work place. She insisted that at work, there should be a compartmentalized professional approach even with friends, and that women did have to make hard sacrifices to rise above their male colleagues at the work place.

The discourse provoked an enthusiastic response from the audience who appreciated the discussions and advice from the presenters.