The Taj Bengal is showcasing Chef Simon Shakour, the inspiration for its Souk restaurant with a tantalizing food feast from the 7th through the 16th of September 2018. There will be both lunch and dinner on an a la carte basis and plenty for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians to enjoy.

The entire gamut of Mid-Eastern food will be on display. Starting with the Cold Mezzes such as Hummus with Basil (Chick pea puree, tahini and basil), Black Garlic Labneh (Creamy yogurt flavored with black garlic), Labneh Avocado or Lahneh Truffle, to a traditional Damscan preparation of wine leaves stuffed with vegetable rice or Warakenab and an excellent selection of Mediterranean Tacos which will delight vegetarian food lovers.

On its heels one can follow up with The Hot Mezzes – the Cheese Fatayer (ricotta, feta, labneh and mint-stuffed pastries), Lebanese (thin-crust) Pizzas, Fava Beans with Tahina and Paprika (Foul bil Tahina), Pan-seared Prawns (Garithes Salatesi), Fried Fish with Turkish Dressing (Samak Turkey) and topping it off with the Lebanese Lamb Pizza.

To accompany the starters are a variety of soups and grills. You can choose from a clear vegetable and bean soup (Ash-e-Rishte) or a Chicken, Mushroom and Vermicelli Broth (Shorbet Dajaj Cermoula). However, we would recommend the grills of smoked artichoke and mushroom (Artichoke ma Feter Meshwi) or the prawns (Malek al Karides) and the grilled chicken (Farouj Meshwi). There are some delicious Moroccan vegetable and Falafel wraps as well as the chicken and lamb Shawarmas.

For the main course you can get the okra on fiery peri-peri sauce or the velvety spinach, potato, feta and pine nut pancakes (Spanakos Menemen), or a variety of vegetables cooked with tomatoes on a bed of spiced aubergines puree (Hunkar Begedi); exotic vegetable ragout (Turlu) and other vegetable delicacies. For others the baked lobster; marinated sea bass (Harissa), chicken or (Tharid al Dijaj) or the lamb preparation (Lahm Barkook) are all a total delight.

To end this meal on a sweet note there are a number of desserts such as Chocolate and Bread Pudding, Rice Flour Pudding and Feta Caramel Ice Cream.

Taj Bengal: 34B, Belvedere Road, Alipore, Kolkata – 700027. Ph: 033 6612 3939