Ritusmita Biswas (a former journalist and digital media specialist) and Dr. Tehnaz Dastoor (an international civil servant and editor) head a social media and events-based agency, decided not to let the current climate of gloom and doom prevail and organized a number of meaningful Zoom-based event for their clients, followers and friends to ensure stimulating evenings with meaningful discussions on a number of important issues during the lockdown period.

Unlike other agencies that either shut shop completely during this time of crisis or did very little, taking their jobs seriously, Ritusmita and Tehnaz decided to host quality speakers throughout the months of April and May.

Rita Bhimani the PR guru of Kolkata spoke about ‘how to reinvent yourself and restructure your corporate approach’ through “reengineering your image building”. Seema Sapru, Principal of The Heritage School tackled the importance issue of ‘education: are we future ready’ and suggested that kids today had a lot of choices in undertaking free online courses offered by the Harvard Business School and catching up with some interesting Ted Talks which could serve their varied interests and improve their general knowledge.

Shubhika Dudhoria-Singh a counselor and psychologist talked about ‘work-home balance and handling the stress’ through a number of different ways. Avoid raising contentious issues at home and use this time for family bonding. Look at old photographs together and build a collage, chat with your buddies and keep in touch with them, play games with your children and even watch movies together.

Photo Credits: Aishwarya Biswas
Photo Credits: Dr. Mayanka Singhal

A number of people were concerned about their dietary habits and over eating so Dr. Mayank Singhal a nutritionist addressed these well through her talk on ‘healthy eating during stressful times’.

Photo Credits: Sustainable Living Speakers
Photo Credits: Satyarup Siddhantha

Many people have been consumed with fear about the unknown and how the current situation has changed their lives. Guinness Book of World Record Holder Satyarup Siddhant expounded on ‘fear being the essential element in dealing with the VUCA world if we know how to use it in our favor.’

On the lighter side of things Aishwarya Biswas, Founder of Auli Lifestyle spoke about skin and haircare DIY tricks and Chef Sunshine did a live demo of some ‘delicious snacks made easy to prepare’ showing her audience how to make Poha Cakes with tomato salsa or ketchup chutney; chickpea, corn and roast potato chaat; green pea and dal dip with papad nachos and red bean and corn crepe’s with pepper sauce. Finally, in collaboration with the All Ladies League, Tericom and Fitness Coach Yash Agarwal led a host of beauties to a masterclass on keeping fit through a full body workout at home.

Photo Credits: Tericom Director - Ritusmita Biswas
Photo Credits: Tericom Director - Dr. Tehnaz Dastoor

Tericom also hosted an event for Earthwear on Earth Day and will be conducting another session for the Calcutta Parsi Club with about 100 families in the audience.

Photo credits: Banner Extreme Left: Rita Bhimani; Banner Mid Left: ShubhikaDudhoria-Singh; Mid Left: Speakers; Extreme Left: Seema Sapru