Choosing a gift can be quite a task, because you need to find something beautiful, unique and at the same time useful. A gift should always reflect your personal choice and choosing something random is definitely not a good idea. Be it for personal gifting or corporate, customized gifts have always been a good idea thanks to the personal touch it imparts to the receiver. And when it is a piece of customized art, nothing else can beat its charm.

Up and coming artist Surabhi Agarwal has come up with amazing art pieces in the form of coasters, trays, coffee mugs and many such gifting items. Be it doodles or paintings, she has an eye-catching collection of art work which would make a perfect gift for all who are looking for personalized or custom made gifts. Share your thoughts and she will create beautiful corporate gifts which would reflect your inner feelings and bring out the essence of your brand.

From Coffee Mugs, Trays, Tea Coasters or Jewelry Boxes, Surabhi Agarwal brings out the essence of Kolkata through her customized gift items.

To get your pieces of custom made gifts call 8017511228