Every country has a range of things that is unique to the rest of the world. It is this distinctiveness thatthe nation proudly presents: from its history to its residents and their culture. A country’s cuisine isundoubtedly one of those important things. The same goes for Bangladesh. The culinary and culturaltraditions of Bangladesh have close relations with that of neighboring Bengal and Northeast India, withsome unique traits of their own. Bangla food; sweet-spicy, soft – tender, food that reminds us of “Mayerhater ranna”. We, Bangalis, always have this jestful fights on choosing Ghoti vs Bangal foods. On winterafternoons, we all have felt the craving for some super-hot steamed rice with KochuPataChingri for adelicious lunch; or thought of a delightful dinner on a chilly winter night with a warm plate of KachchiBiriyani. Already making you drool right? Don’t worry! We have got your back!

Well, like Ichamati, the river that confluences the customs and cuisines of both Bengals, Ichamotee theeatery serves the best of both Bangladeshi and Bengali cuisines along with some much-loved Mughlaidelicacies. Unlike the other similar cuisine restaurants present here, the special thing about Ichamotee isthat it serves delicious and authentic age-old traditional foods that entailed our mother’s best which arefast vanishing from our choice of menu. And also It offers the best quality food at an affordable cost.

This 100 seater restaurant, spread across 2500 sqft offers an ambiance that is cozy & resembles an erabygone. Mitasree, the owner of Ichamotee, rightly puts it when she quotes, food acts as the linkbetween the people from both the countries. Food is what connects people, traditions and brings onecloser to their roots. She feels at her eatery, one should be able to experience the best cuisines fromboth Bengals to completely understand the taste.

For breakfast, which the Bangladeshis fondly call“Nashta”, one can dig into their soft luchis paired with cholardaal or daal fry. Or if one has an inkling forsweet, the luchis or porotas can be paired with halwa. For those of us, who want to start their day on ameaty note, dig into their “KhaashirPaaya”. Lunch at Ichamotee is a symphony of Bangladeshi & Banglacuisines with subtle hints of Mughlai. One can choose to pair their steamed rice with “KochuPatarChingri” or their famous “ShutkiBharta” and “LoitaBhorta”. The ones who don’t like to try these lesserknown palettes can opt for their Ilish. Their other specialty Kachchi Biriyani is the famous Mughlai dishthat hails from Bangladesh. At Ichamotee, one doesn’t have to choose your pick by laboriously readingthrough their menu. One can choose their pick from the food displayed & order from the same. Whatyou see is what you get.

Ichamotee is the perfect place for us Indians to learn more about Bangladeshi cuisine & relive their ageold traditional menus. In these times, when one believes in ready to cook & takeaways, Ichamoteeoffers a welcome break for us. It prepares recipes in traditional forms, keeping the taste just how weremember them from our childhood.

Address: Ichamotee, 16, Marquies Ln, Esplande, West Bengal - 700016
Timings: Breakfast - 8 AM - 11 AM, Lunch - 12 PM - 4 PM, Dinner - 7 PM - 11:30 PM
Price for two: Rs. 500/- +taxes