Durga Puja, a name that we immediately elate to hustle bustle, chaos, fun and festivities in the City of Joy! Every lane, every area becomes the epitome of creativity. Pandal hoppers, shortlist a few of the many pandals, which, year after year, create the most innovative and delightful spots to visit. One such Pandal Committee being that of Kashi Bose Lane.

This year’s theme is “Amar Alinde” depicting verandahs!!! Yes!! You head it right the pandal theme is that of verandah. The first social window to look out in the world, make friends and get noticed. Verandahs have been an essential part of Kolkatas architectural tradition a pride for every Bengali. Women gossiping from one verandah to the other, but most important the uses of the same!

Verandahs were used to dry spices, keep extra furniture, hanging clothes and in the fee time for “adda” sessions!

As soon as one steps into the pandal it hears voices of ladies calling out to alert that guests have arrived, further ahead chilies are being dried. One you enter the main pandal one is mesmerized with creativity all types of verandah from over centuries till today’s modern glass verandahs all are handmade and created. The steps to these verandahs are all in the most illustrative nature that can be.

A Rolls Royce made of thermocol is a reminder of every elite Bengali and stands proud in the pandal making it a favorite selfie spot. From the roof to every nook and corner this pandal is a visual treat and every prop is handmade making it a must visit pandal again this year. The idol standing stall on a verandah has been created by the very well-known artist Shanatan Dinda, which enhances the beauty of the pandal. Such pandals are a reminder of the creative talent that the City Of Joy possesses.

Photo credit: Banner Center: YouTube.