Fancy dining and casual restaurants alike are going beyond hearts and flowers this Valentine's Day. They provide V-day promotions and offerings, cooked up in honor of the day of love, especially for the cupid-struck peeps! ‘Hammer’ has on offer, a special menu that celebrates the fuzzy feeling of love, from February 7th-14th. Dine under the stars at our rooftop lounge bar with groovy music, as ‘Hammer’ is all prepared to leave you love-struck!

Come enjoy yourself a merry little meal with your beloved as ‘Hammer’ brings to you some of its favorite dishes. It is again that time of the year when you can tell your partner how much you mean to them on this special day crafted for lovers. Oh Yes! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we have just the right recipe to make it a grand affair for you and your beloved.

For the nibbles, choose from an array of non-vegetarian dishes like ‘Crispy Shrimp Popcorn with sweet chili Strawberry dip’, ’Moroccan Chicken skewers with Tahini Garlic dip and roasted Cumin oil’ ‘Thai Crispy Chicken, tossed with roasted chili and Basil’.

There are platters of sumptuous food for all the vegetarian couples in town as well. Ditch your usual home cooked food and bring your bae to the coolest lounge in town. Starting from ‘Tandoor roasted Cottage Cheese with Strawberry salsa and Pumpkin seeds’, ‘Mini buttered Corn Cobs, ‘Chilli, Coriander, Lime Yoghurt BBQ Cauliflower’ and ‘Charred Pepper Tacos, topped with Pico de Gallo salsa’Hammer has it all. All these lip-smacking dishes are curated by celebrity chef Shaun Kenworthy.

Sip on some exotic cocktails like ‘Lady in Red’(Fresh strawberries, vodka and Cointreau); ‘Stupid Cupid’(Passion fruit syrup, gin, grenadine and tonic); ‘#Love’O’Matic’(Long island iced tea, topped up with cranberry) or ‘Chocolate Temptation’(Baileys Irish cream, coffee liqueur, Vanilla ice cream).

End the night with a gush of flavors to get you sky-high with hot, rich ‘Chocolate Fondue with Fresh Strawberries and Cream’ and a little bit of looove!’

So not only Valentine’s Day, celebrate the Rose day, Propose day and Promise day with your partner at Hammer this year.

Address:Hammer,20G Park Street Area, 6th Floor, Kolkata- 700016
Pocket Pinch: Rs.1, 500 plus taxes with alcohol for two people
Opening Hours: 12pm to 1am on Wednesday Friday & Saturday; 12pm to 12am on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Contact No: +917439243082